Chemometrics in Excel – Interactive Educational Programme

Sunday 11 September 2011, Belgrade, Conference EUROanalysis 16
Contact person: Oxana Rodionova (

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The registered course attendees are invited to contact with instructor Oxana Rodionova and request your personal copy of  Chemometrics Add-In installation package.
Participants are kindly asked

(1) to install and verify this software before the course start
(2) to look through the files: Excel.xls, Task.xls, and Tricks.xls
(3) to get accustomed with the names of standard Excel functions in the language of  your local Excel version.
Questions are welcome!

Course Description

The aim of the courses is to provide the participants with a powerful and easy accessible tool for basic multivariate data analysis (MDA). Now MDA is the essential part of complex analytical experiments and chemometrics is intensively used for processing of the various chemical data. Chemometrics uses a very large variety of softwares, special chemometric and general mathematical packages, or various computer environments. As a result, to make first steps for a student or analyst it is necessary to obtain a special software and to acquaint with it. We have design the basic projection methods as worksheet functions in Excel and called it Chemometrics Add-In. This software provides:

(1) a lecturer with the possibility to present the teaching material in an interactive mode, with immediate illustration of the basic concept with practical examples/calculations;
(2) a student with the full access and ability to perform all relevant calculations for analyzing simulated and real-world data.

Examples of the web-tutorials and supplementary Excel-files will be analyzed during the course. These materials may be used as a framework for a distance e-learning course in Chemometrics.

Chemometrics Add-In is specially designed software for Microsoft Excel. The package consists of two files Chemometrics.dll and Chemometrics.xla. The main projection functions can be applied as ordinary user-defined functions in Excel. The core functions for the PCA/PLS decompositions are designed to ensure very fast calculations even for the rather large data sets (200 samples by 4500 variables).  They are programmed in C++ language and linked to Excel via DLL.  Such an approach also provides possibilities for building classification and calibration models.

Full individual license for Chemometrics Add-In software will be provided for all registered attendees. 

Audience and Language

The persons involved in teaching of chemometrics. A basic knowledge of chemometric concepts and methods, e.g., PCA and PLS is desirable
The course language is English.
Participants are encouraged to use their own laptops with Excel 2007 and Chemometrics Add-In installed.


Register via the conference web site.


DSc. Oxana Rodionova (ICP RAS, Moscow)

Course Outline

The course consists of two blocks: part 1 – Introduction, and part 2 - Advanced

Part 1, Introduction
9h00 - 12h00 deals with:

Part 2 Advanced
13h00 - 16h00 deals with:

Detailed description of Chemometrics-Add-In and computer exercise on its application will be conducted during this course 

Suggested Reading

Additional course materials

will be provided for the participants before July 21, 2011  

Course booklet

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