Course Chemometrics in Excel

June 22-23, 2010, Budapest,  Conference SCAC2010
Contact person: Oxana Rodionova (

Last Updates

Course materials are ready now. They are published at web page Tutorials.
The following manuals (with accompanying materials) Matrix calculations in Excel, Projection methods in Excel will be considered in the course and it is highly recommended to study them carefully.

The course participants are advised to refresh their Excel skills and to carry out exercises given in file Tasks.xls. Free Demo version of Chemometrics Add-In can be used with the tutorials and supplementary Excel files.

The registered attendees will receive individual license for the full scale Add-In via personal communication before the conference or at the first course day during the conference.

Course Description

The aim of the course is to provide the participants with simple and powerful tool for basic multivariate analysis. The core functions for projection methods are presented as worksheet functions in Excel, a most widely-spread data handling environment. All calculations are carried out in Excel books, and all regular Excel capacities can be applied for additional calculations: charts, data export and import, templates, etc. During the course attendees will have a wide opportunity for the hands-on data analysis.

Audience and Language

Students (including postgraduates), specialists, scientists with a basic knowledge in chemometrics and Excel. The course language is English.
Participants are encouraged to use their own laptops with Excel 2007 and Chemometrics Add-In installed.


DSc. Alexey Pomerantsev (ICP RAS, Moscow)

DSc. Oxana Rodionova (ICP RAS, Moscow)

Course Outline

1-st day, Introduction

2-nd day, Advanced

Course booklet

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