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 1999  46 133147 Rasmus Bro Exploratory study of sugar production using fluorescence spectroscopy and multi-way analysis 
 1999 46 181196 M.K. Hartnett, G. Lightbody, G.W. Irwin  Identification of state models using principal components analysis
1999  46 197206 D.J. Louwerse, A. A. Tates, A..K. Smilde, G. L.M. Koot, H. Berndt  PLS discriminant analysis with contribution plots to determine differences between parallel batch reactors in the process industry
1999 47  107125 A. Nijhuis, S. de Jong , B.G.M. Vandeginste The application of multivariate quality control in gas chromatography
1999 48 167180  A.J. Burnham , J.F. MacGregor, R.Viveros  Latent variable multivariate regression modeling
1999 49 4148 A.L. Pomerantsev Confidence intervals for nonlinear regression extrapolation
2000 50 118 R. De Maesschalck, D. Jouan-Rimbaud, D.L. Massart Tutorial. The Mahalanobis distance
2000 50 1933 B.-V. Grande , R. Manne Use of convexity for finding pure variables in two-way data from mixtures
2000 50 3546 R. Manne, B.-V. Grande Resolution of two-way data from hyphenated chromatography by means of elementary matrix transformations
2000 50 5361 I. Marsi, L. Seres Determination of the Arrhenius parameters of the decomposition of azoisopropane: investigation of possible systematic errors via computer simulation
2000 50 4752 T. Fearn On orthogonal signal correction
2000 50 7582 M. Blanco , J. Coello, H. Iturriaga, S.Maspoch, J. Pages NIR calibration in non-linear systems: different PLS approaches and artificial neural networks
2000 50 8390 S. H. Chung, D. L. Ma, R.D. Braatz Optimal model-based experimental design in batch crystallization
2000 50 9199 X. Shao , Z. Chen, X. Lin Resolution of multicomponent overlapping chromatogram using an immune algorithm and genetic algorithm
2000 50 107114 Nicolaas (Klaas) M. Faber Exact presentation of multivariate calibration model as univariate calibration graph
2000 50 115119 E. Forgacs, T. Cserhati Use of spectral mapping technique for the comparison of polymer-coated HPLC supports
2000 50 121135 L. Balland, L. Estel, J.-M. Cosmao, N. Mouhab A genetic algorithm with decimal coding for the estimation of kinetic and energetic parameters
2000 50 199210 C.M. Jaeckle, J.F. MacGregor Industrial applications of product design through the inversion of latent variable models
2000 51 95114  J. A. Westerhuis, S. P. Gurden, A. K. Smilde Generalized contribution plots in multivariate statistical process monitoring
  2000 52 2332 N. Sbirrazzuoli, L. Vincent , S. Vyazovkin Electronic solution to the problem of a kinetic standard for DSC measurements
 2000 52 123134 Nicolaas (Klaas) M. Faber Comparison of two recently proposed expressions for partial least squares regression prediction error
   2000 53 119 F.F. Perez Pla, J.F. Bea Redon, R. Valero A new algorithm for the kinetic data analysis
 2000 54  119 J. Huang, K.H. Esbensen Applications of Angle Measure Technique AMT in image analysis Part I. A new methodology for in situ powder characterization
   2000 54 3552 R.Wehrens, H. Putter, L.M.C. Buydens The bootstrap: a tutorial
2000  54 123141 Juan, M. Maeder, M. Martynez, R. Tauler Combining hard- and soft-modelling to solve kinetic problems
  2001 55 2338 Agnar Hoskuldsson Variable and subset selection in PLS regression
2001 55 133145 B.-H. Mevik, E. M. Frgestad, M. R. Ellekjr, T. Naes Using raw material measurements in robust process optimization
2001 56 1325 J.A. Westerhuis, S. de Jong, A. Smilde Direct orthogonal signal correction
2001 57 37-56 J. Huang, K.H. Esbensen Applications of AMT (Angle Measure Technique) in image analysis Part II.Prediction of powder functional properties and mixing components using Multivariate AMT Regression MAR
2001 57 121132 M. Forina, S. Lanteri, S. Rosso Confidence intervals of the prediction ability and performance scores of classifications methods 
2001 58 1527 B.Walczak , D.L. Massart Tutorial Dealing with missing data: Part I
2001 .58  2942 B.Walczak, D.L. Massart Tutorial Dealing with missing data: Part II
2001 .59 118 F. Vogt, M. Tacker Fast principal component analysis of large data sets
2001 .59 1931 E. Bezemer, S. C. Rutan Multivariate curve resolution with non-linear fitting of kinetic profiles
2001 .59 121136 S. P. Gurden, J.A. Westerhuis , R. Bro,  A.K. Smilde A comparison of multiway regression and scaling methods
2002 .60 13 23 Jerry Workman Jr. The state of multivariate thinking for scientists in industry: 19802000
2002 .60 113 125 Karen Kafadar, Max D. Morris Nonlinear smoothers in two dimensions for environmental data
2002 .60 197 209 C. Spiegelman, J.Wikander, P. ONeal, G.L. Cote A simple method for linearizing nonlinear spectra for calibration
2002 .60 211 224 Paul Geladi Some recent trends in the calibration literature
2002 .60 225 237 Kevin J. Johnson, Robert E. Synovec Pattern recognition of jet fuels: comprehensive GC GC with ANOVA-based feature selection and principal component analysis
2002 .60 253 264 P. Paatero, P. K.Hopke, X.-H. Song, Z. Ramadan Understanding and controlling rotations in factor analytic models
2002 .60 127 134 Karen Kafadar The influence of John Tukeys work in robust methods for chemometrics and environmetrics
2002 .61 123 132 Q. Guo, W.Wu, D.L. Massart, C. Boucon, S. de Jong Feature selection in principal component analysis of analytical data
2002 .61 133 149 Nicolaas (Klaas) M. Faber, Rasmus Bro Standard error of prediction for multiway PLS 1. Background and a simulation study
2002 .61 151 165 G.Baffi, E. Martin, J. Morris Prediction intervals for non-linear projection to latent structures regression models
2002 .62 2535 J. Huang, D. Brennan, L. Sattler, J. Alderman, B. Lane, C. OMathuna A comparison of calibration methods based on calibration data size and robustness
2002 .63 7 14 E. Vigneau, E.M. Qannari, D. Bertrand A new method of regression on latent variables. Application to spectral data
2002 .63 27 39 J.A. Fernandez Pierna, F.Wahl, O.E. de Noord, D.L Massart Methods for outlier detection in prediction
2002 .63 107116 N. M. Faber, J. Ferre , R. Boque, J. H. Kalivas Second-order bilinear calibration: the effects of vectorising the data matrices of the calibration set
2002 .63 117 128 David M. Borth, Michael S. Wilhelm Confidence limits for normal type I censored regression
2003 66 127-139 Alexey L. Pomerantsev Successive Bayesian estimation of reaction rate constants from spectral data

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