Organization Committee of 
Russian Chemometrics Society

The organizational committee of the Russian Chemometrics Society (RCS) announces the preliminary registration of society members and arguing of the project of the Charter.

Pomerantsev Alexey L. (Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Polycert)
Rodionova Oxana Ye. (Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Polycert)
Adler Yury P. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Bystritskaya Elena V. (Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Polycert)
Gorsky Vladimir G. (Institute of Organic Chemistry)
Granovsky Yury V. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Karpukhin Oleg N. (Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Polycert)
Rudnyi Yevgeny B. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Zaikov Gennady Ye. (Emanuel Institute of BioChemical Physics RAS

alex.jpg (13798 bytes) NAmICS Newsletter #18, October 1998, p.10

Russian Chemometrics Society

First steps so far

Alexey L. Pomerantsev,
Institute of Chemical Physics (ICP),

Russian scientific school that studies application of mathematical methods in chemistry has been existing for many years. The achievements of academicians Semenov and Zeldovich turned to be its basis. The main activity of scientists that belong to the school is mainly connected with the description of the kinetics of chemical processes.

Regular conferences "Mathematical methods in chemistry" were held in the Soviet Union. In spite of that, such activities were not connected with a term "Chemometrics" as a name of some special field of knowledge. Only few years ago it was found out that everything we had been doing was called Chemometrics. In brief, we are involved in

We consider the modern status of Chemometrics in Russia to be unsatisfactory:

To change this situation a group of scientists from the Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow State University, and some other research centres in Moscow (about 25 persons) met together in October 1997 and decided to establish the Russian Chemometrics Society (RCS). The main goals of such non-profit scientific association are:

Only now do we make the first steps in the long procedure of official registration. In concordance with state rules, not less than 50 regional departments of RCS in the country should be open before the Society Congress could be held. I hope we will finish this procedure some where in autumn (optimistic forecast!). It is difficult to count, now, the exact number of members, because after the announce of intention to create RCS we began to receive e-mails from different parts of the country, where scientists wanted to join us.

Of course our main problem now is where to get money to gain our main purposes. The membership in RCS is dues free. No committee members get any compensation for their work. Now, our demure expenses are granted by Polycert (a small independent research company). We are supported by the Institute of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Science that supplies us with official post address and Internet service.

Since October 1977 we made the following small but important steps. Every two months we held Chemometrics seminars. Dr Y. Granovsky (Moscow University) published an article "The march and problems of Chemometrics" (in Russian). We opened this Web-site and try to maintain current information there. (It is in Russian but there is a little English page too). Dr. Rudniy (Moscow University) with the support of Chemical Department of Moscow University organised a mail server similar to the ICS-server, but in Russian. We connected with Prof. Startsev, the Chief of Physical Department of Altai University. He needs help in preparing Chemometrics course for his students. We are doing our best in making Chemometrics known to a wider audience here in Russia. Thanks to the members of organizing committee who work with enthusiasm and are interested both in the RCS and Chemometrics itself.

We appreciate any assistance the ICS could grant us, but first of all we need scientific information in paper or electronic form.

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